In Indiana, Divorce and Legal Separations are on the rise because of COVID-19


Divorce and Legal Separation is on the Rise

Industry experts have estimated that, with so many Americans stuck at home with their families, the country will see a baby boom and a divorce flood in the coming months. Unlike a nice snowfall that puts you at home for a few days, a global epidemic that causes shelter-in-place orders to be issued over months could result in more marital breakups than the birth of babies.

Quarantines that lasted almost two years have resulted in many couples rushing to divorce attorneys once the restrictions were lifted. The pandemic may have prompted spouses to divorce for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Spending too much time together – If absence makes the heart grow fonder and familiarity breeds contempt, some couples may have broken up as a result of being compelled to spend practically all of their time together for weeks on end. This may be an even bigger issue in families where the home is smaller. Without all of the distractions that everyday life provides, some Americans may decide to end a marriage if the forced closeness has gotten on their nerves.

  • Recognizing that there is no better moment than now — People commonly assess their lives after a traumatic event and wonder if making big adjustments might make them happier.

  • Money worries – Whether a pandemic has thrown the economy into disarray or couples are just trying to make ends meet; financial disputes may tear a relationship apart.

  • Unemployment, furloughs, and diminished business traffic might all exacerbate tensions between couples.

Nobody knows how much of an increase in divorce rate is due to the coronavirus pandemic and how much is due to pent-up demand following a protracted period of closures and exposure fears.  If you are considering dissolving your marriage, you should contact an experienced divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Seeking legal guidance now can help you prevent costly mistakes in property division, spousal maintenance, custody, and child support issues.

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