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  • Do you offer legal fee financing?
    Yes! Learn more about our pay-at-your-own-pace financing options here.
  • What are ways I can pay for legal services?
    You can pay via cash, certified check, money order, and all major credit cards. Depending on your financial situation, you may be eligible for a structured payment plan.
  • Can’t I just show up at your office to talk about my case?
    No, because we are frequently away from the office, all visits are through appointment only. Please call 317-643-1345 to schedule.
  • Do you offer a consultation? Yes, potential clients receive a 30-minute consultation.  Consultation is conducted over the telephone and can be scheduled by clicking here. You can also schedule by clicking Contact Us. If you want to do it the old fashion way, please feel free to call 317-643-1345 to schedule an appointment.

Questions Asked Online

  • I am 43 years old married was raised by my stepdad and would like to know if he could still adopt me now?
    Adult adoption is pretty straightforward and happens more often than you would think. Though a relatively straightforward process, you should use an experienced attorney to help you navigate the process.
  • How to get felony expunged in Indiana? I have a more than 20-year-old class D felony that I would like to get expunged.
    Eligibility to expunge a criminal record depends on the type of felony and the circumstances surrounding the conviction. A couple of issues we frequently encounter are clients who still owe restitution or did not pay the court fees, probation fees, etc. Those types of problems will hold up an expungement. You can do an expungement on your own, but we highly discourage you from doing that. A qualified attorney will make sure the expungement is completed correctly, and that all of your rights are properly reinstated (i.e., restored to a proper person.) An expungement of a criminal conviction in Indiana is a once-in-a-lifetime allowance, and one you want done right.
  • I am a good person who married a crazy person we have divorced since. How do I make my name right again?
    It sounds like you may be eligible for an expungement. To start that process you will need to petition the court that originally heard your case. There are many pitfalls to properly executing an expungement, we highly recommend you hire an attorney who specializes in expungements.
  • I have 2 level 6 felonies; can I get a carry permit in Indiana?
    No, you will not be able to get a permit. With a felony record, you are not considered a “proper person.” If you meet the requirements for expungement you can expunge your record and then restore yourself to a proper person. At that point, you should be able to obtain a permit.