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In Indiana, violent crimes are serious matters and prosecutors can be aggressive when pursuing convictions. With charges like assault and battery, it’s important that the entire story is told so that you have a chance to share your perspective with the court. In many cases, just hearing the term “assault and battery” is enough to turn opinion against the defendant, but these situations are not as cut and dry as they appear, and a skilled attorney can help you paint a clearer picture of what really happened.

The violent crime defense attorney at Frangos Legal, David C. Frangos, has a solid reputation in the Indianapolis and Indiana court systems. We understand the specifics of assault and battery law and can help you present your version of the events in question.

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Defenses for Assault & Battery Accusations 

If your case makes it all the way to trial, the prosecution will do whatever is in their power to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your actions should be punished by the criminal justice system. All that the jury knows is that you have been accused of attacking someone, so they are likely to make assumptions based on your arrest alone. The system can seem like it’s against you from the start. 

Of course, as anyone who has been involved in such situations understands, there is always more to every story. You may have been arrested for assault and battery when you were merely acting in self-defense or protecting someone else. At Frangos Legal, we understand that you deserve to tell your side of events. Our job is to ensure you get to share your side of the story when it matters most, as well as fight to have your charges reduced as much as possible. 

While our defensive strategies are tailored to each unique case, possible defenses for assault and battery accusations include:

  • The authorities lack sufficient evidence to convict
  • The injured individual consented to the act that caused them harm
  • You acted in defense of someone else’s safety
  • You acted in defense of your property
  • You acted in self defense
  • You were unaware your actions would cause physical harm to another person

Call an Attorney Who Understands the Indiana Court System

It can be tempting to think you’ll be able to explain your situation in court without the help of an attorney or with a public defender. Unfortunately, explaining events in a legal context can be difficult without courtroom experience. Remember, the prosecution knows how to appeal to a jury and cast doubt on your side of things. You need an attorney who knows how to use the law to your advantage and ensure you are fairly represented.

At Frangos Legal, our assault and battery lawyer is an experienced litigator who has represented clients throughout Indiana. Turn to us when you need effective criminal defense in Indiana. 

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