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A protective order was filed against me, should I defend myself?

by | Jan 6, 2023 | Criminal Law

A protective order, also known as a restraining order, is a court order that is issued to protect someone from being harmed or harassed by another person. In Indiana, a person can file for a protective order if they have been the victim of domestic violence, stalking, or harassment. If a protective order is filed against you, it is important to defend yourself because a protective order can have serious consequences.

First, a protective order can restrict your freedom and rights. For example, the order may require you to stay a certain distance away from the person who filed the order, or it may prohibit you from contacting that person. If you violate the terms of the protective order, you could be arrested and charged with a crime.

Second, a protective order can have a negative impact on your reputation and your ability to do things like rent an apartment or get a job. Even if the allegations against you are false, the fact that a protective order has been filed can be damaging to your reputation.

Finally, if you are the subject of a protective order and you are accused of violating the order, you may be ordered to pay fines or even go to jail.

It is important to defend yourself against a protective order because the consequences of having a protective order issued against you can be serious and long-lasting.

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