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Adopting from foster care in Indiana

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2024 | Family Law

Indiana parents who are looking to expand their family through adoption have several ways to do so. Adopting through the foster care system is one of those options, which not only allows you to add a child to your loving home, but also to provide a home for a child who needs it. There are children of all ages available for adoption through the foster care system. While adopting this way does come with some challenges, most parents find it to be very rewarding.  

Starting the process  

The first step in the foster to adopt process is to get licensed as a foster family. Once licensed, you will have to complete 16 hours of Resource/Adoptive Parent Training, which all foster parents must complete, along with additional training to prepare you for adoption through foster care. Next, you will go through a home study where a professional will ask your family questions about the types of children you wish to adopt. You’ll also have a background check and must provide financial, medical and biographical information.  

Once you’re licensed, your case worker will submit the information on your home study and other required paperwork. After you’re recommended to adopt, you’ll be able to attend events where you can meet some of the children in the foster care system. You’ll also have access to an online portal where you can view information on the children who are available for adoption.  

Other things to know 

It can take some time to find a child who fits your family. The process can often be complete within six to 12 months, but it can take longer. The foster care system wishes to ensure that children have as smooth a transition as possible to their new home, which means the time from meeting a child to finalizing the adoption can vary from family to family.  

Each child in foster care has a case manager who will consider a family’s home study and other information before placing a child with that family. Once you inquire about a child, the case manager may recommend that you interview for the child. If the interview goes well, you may begin visiting the child during a transition period. The transition period timeline varies with each child based on their needs.  

Legal help with adoption 

Adoption can be a joyful, but also stressful process. Families who are interested in adoption may have questions or concerns about the legal side of the process. If you’re ready to adopt a child, working with someone who understands Indiana’s adoption laws can provide you with the peace of mind that you’re doing everything necessary to complete the adoption process.