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Preparing for your home visit as an adoptive parent

On Behalf of | May 7, 2024 | Family Law

The home visit is an important part of the adoption process, but for many Indiana families, it can be quite stressful. You may feel like your home should be spotless with everything in its place before you’re ready for your home visit. It’s helpful to know that the home visit is not to judge your housekeeping or lifestyle, but instead to ensure that children end up in a loving and healthy home. By understanding more about the required home visit, you can prepare your family for this important step when you’re hoping to add to your family through adoption.

Purpose of the home visit

Your home study will be conducted by a licensed social worker. They will tour your home to be sure that it’s prepared for you to bring in a child. The purpose of the visit is for the social worker to gain some insight into your family’s way of life and determine if you’re prepared to adopt a child. Your entire family will be interviewed, and the social worker will look around your home to determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

The social worker is not there to pass or fail you on your home visit. If they see any issues, they will tell you what you need to change to make your home a better fit for a child. The goal is to find loving homes for children who need a family, so the social worker wants the home visit to be a success just as much as you do.

Preparing your home

While it’s important that your home is clean and safe, the social worker will not expect your house to be completely spotless. A lived-in home will see some wear and tear, and if you have other children or pets, you likely know that keeping your home clean for any reasonable length of time is difficult. Straighten your home and do a thorough cleaning before your scheduled visit, but don’t stress too much if something is out of place.

The most important part of your home visit is safety. The social worker will look for potential hazards or dangers that could put a child at risk. Some things they might look for are unsecured firearms, proper pool fencing, information on your family’s fire escape route and other safety issues.

Legal help during adoption

Going through the adoption process can be a joyful time for a family, but there are many legal concerns that can cause stress before the adoption is finalized. You may have questions or concerns about how best to proceed forward with adding a child to your family through adoption. By working with an Indiana attorney who understands the state’s adoption laws, you can resolve these issues in a timely manner.